9-14th March 2021 @ Latrobe Art Space
Exhibition theme: "Connection"

In this group exhibition we explore the theme of connection. In the light of the latest pandemic, “connection” is ever more powerful. Something we had, we took for granted and we lost. Each of us choose a path to reconnect with oneself and the world through different angles.

Connecting and engaging with people virtually.

Connecting with nature, dreaming of ​grand adventures, exploring open spaces.

Connection to oneself and others utilising creative authenticity through appearance.

Previous Exhibitions

May 2019 @ Project Gallery 90

Exhibition Theme: Womankind

"Exploring femininity and what it means to be a woman in 2019"


Read below for further details on the Womankind exhibition theme.





The pomegranate fruit has many meanings: death, rebirth, life, prosperity, ambition, the supernatural.


In most religions and cultures, it is the symbol of fertility.

In the society we live in, despite many arising female empowerment movements, fertility is largely considered a necessary component of being a woman.


Making the decision to not have children, postponing it or struggling to make it happen, will with no doubt make women feel like they are inadequate, incomplete.


In this series of paintings, I explore my feelings, conflicting thoughts and emotions related to fertility, the reproduction treatments I went through and how society handles this topic.


I use the pomegranate in its totality of meaning and possibilities, not just limited to fertility.






‘Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life’ – Bill Cunningham


Inspired by the plethora of choice available to us today, my work aims to explore the tool of expression through style. 


Personal style choices affect and alter our mood and perceptions, allowing us to communicate artistically to the outside world through choices of colour, pattern and detail.  The same choices can also be used as a tool to conceal perceived flaws, garner confidence, or be worn as amour to disguise anxieties.

Individual style creates a narrative to the world around us at any given time without any words spoken.

My paintings aim to explore what it is like to be a feminine presence today surrounded with choice. We can be inspired by the past, follow future trends, or a combination of both, utilising style as a language whether it be through fashion, or in our own homes to express our inner psychological state and individual flair.

img030 (2).jpg


 Marin Loo


My paintings are often colorful, vibrant and uplifting. I have an affinity and love for nature. The  paintings for this exhibition aims at capturing the beauty, tranquility, life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature. Many of these aspects remind me of elements akin to femininity and hence related to the theme: Womankind. I find that modern life can be busy, complex and often with little time to enjoy and experience mother nature fully. These paintings are a way to evoke emotions of familiarity and affinity with the natural environment. The aim is to evoke a sense of peace & calm as a means to deepen the desire to connect and and seek a harmonious co-existence with nature.







Inspired by female visual and performance artists, this series draws together elements of physical strength, dramatic narrative, movement & colour. I’m drawn to theatrical ideas of using costumes and masked exteriors as tools of empowerment for women to become anything we want to be. Vibrant seductive colours and beautiful objects in my paintings are sometimes offset by hints of more destructive/sinister elements beneath the surface. I draw strong parallels to our contemporary world where social media has both the power to show us infinite inspiration and possibility, but is also such a big perpetuator of curating unrealistic lives - where the facade of perfection creates a mask under which the imperfect & real is often hidden away. Our worries, hardships, mental health concerns & inadequacies seem to be more and more concealed.

soph hague 3.png





The nude has been an enduring theme throughout art history, as a muse, a fascination, a seduction, and a link to the divine. My work explores the physical and aesthetic qualities of the female nude, and how this translates into society today. As women in 2018, we reclaim ownership of our bodies, and of the way we choose to express ourselves through our physicality. The nude exposes us at our most honest, humble, vulnerable, truthful state of being; one which can equally be wielded as a powerful expression of strength and individuality.