About us

A group of Sydney based, classically trained painters. We hope one day soon there won’t be any need to say “women artists” but for now we respond to a lack or recognition in the industry;
we join forces to get exposure and get womankind art seen and enjoyed.

Artists' statements and links to art portfolio and CVs

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Marin Loo
Artist's statement:

 Sydney Artist and Colorist.  Trained at Julian Ashton art school

website: marinlooart.com
instagram: @marinloo

Colleen Stapleton
Artist's statement:

Contemporary realist painter, recently awarded the A.M.E Bale painting award & the Florence Academy of Art Summer Scholarship.

website: colleenstapleton.com
instagram: @colleen_stapleton
Marghe Portrait_edited.jpg
Margherita Sanguineti
Artist's statement:

Born in Genova, Italy. Sydney based artist.

Oil painting. Realist/Expressionist.  Julian Ashton Art School & Florence Academy .

website: margheritasanguineti.com
instagram: @_marghe_
Jessica Gurthrie
Artist's statement:

Sydney Artist, classically trained at Julian Ashton Art School

website: jessicaguthrieart.com
instagram: @jessica_guthrie_artist