Colleen Stapleton
About me:

A contemporary figurative artist, based in Sydney. Recently a finalist in the Darling Portrait Prize, Shirley Hannan Portrait Award, Portia Geach Memorial Award, Kennedy Arts Prize, KAAF Prize, Lethbridge 20000 & International Art Renewal Centre Salon. Career highlights include winning the 2018 A.M.E Bale Painting prize, Florence Academy of Art Scholarship, JAAS Brett Whiteley Scholarship, and winning the KAAF Highly Commended Award.

website: colleenstapleton.com
instagram: @colleen_stapleton

About the theme - "Connection"

My work investigates the connection & strong emotional response that we experience to colour. I have used bold colours in conjunction with the expression of the body to communicate different feelings. 


This series of work draws together elements of dramatic narrative, movement & colour. Focusing on faces, hands, body movements & gesture, my intention is to communicate moments of heightened expression. I often use dancers & performance artists as the subjects of my paintings, as the bodily expression that I seek out is particularly apparent in the way that they move. I explore ways of using the paint so that it becomes a physical participant in the art - it is pushed, dripped & moved in a way as though the figures are moving through the paint itself. Colour is used as a means of intensifying the intended mood & expression.