Margherita Sanguineti
Artist's statement

​When you share who you are, it starts a spark of love and connection. Art is the conduit. I make art as a way of sharing stories and connecting with the viewers.

About me:

Born in Genova, Italy. Sydney based artist.

Oil painting. Realist/Expressionist.  Julian Ashton Art School & Florence Academy .

instagram: @_marghe_

About the 'Connection' exhibition:

Franco Piana died under a landslide, a few steps away from Mount Everest’s peak.  Franco was my uncle; a passionate, professional mountain climber which I never met but grew up hearing about his adventures.

During his multiple expeditions around the world he liked to snap photos with his Laica. He took a huge amount of " 35mm slides", the ones you can see through an old fashioned projector.

Through these amazing slides I was able to connect with him and see all the amazing places he visited.

This series of paintings is a selection of landscapes from those very slides. With vibrant colours and high contrast I hope to share a beautifully tragic story and celebrate passion, nature, determination and courage.