Softly lit, 35.5(w) x 28(h).JPG
Marin Loo

About me:

I paint scenes from the natural and modern landscape that evoke a sense of quietness and stillness. I am inspired by the diversity and calming influence of nature as well as the illumination of light and air that changes the environment. "Peaceful, quiet and inviting” are some of the words that describe my work. 

I have studied fine arts at Julian Ashton Art School and have participated in a number of art shows and been a finalist at several national art prizes. 

instagram: @marinloo
About the theme - "Connection"

I'm drawn to the energy and richness of nature but I particularly love the emotional and spiritual influence that nature induces – it energises, inspires, and offers a way to re-connect within. There is something quite therapeutic about being in nature that calms and soothes the mind and soul.

Our sense of inner peace is often elusive in the modern world as we are usually inundated with media, entertainment, consumerism and often leading an imbalanced work & personal life. Sometimes this can feel like we are disconnected. 

My landscape paintings has little to no traces of the modern world or human civilization. In fact it feels rather quiet, peaceful and isolated. It encourages us to pause for a moment, still the mind and seek balance to ultimately re-connect with ourselves.